Who we are

Hi, my name is Patricia Baart and I am the founder/owner of Family au pair. I was born in the Philippines and have lived in the Netherlands for over thirty years and have been working as a nurse.

Together with my Dutch husband we have three children, so I know from our experience how stressful and complicated it can be to combine family, household and work. Since our youngest daughter, we have had enjoyed the benefit of having an au pair in our home. Especially during the morning and evening “rush hours”, an extra pair of hands makes everything run smoother. When the au pair took on some light household chores, we were able to invest in extra quality time as a family. Another advantage: when our children stopped going to daycare and were cared for at home by the au pair they barely got sick. 


Having said all this, I do understand some reluctance in choosing the option of having an au pair. After all, you open your house to a “stranger” and trust her with your children, your priceless possession. It is important that the au pair genuinely wants to be a part of the family and matches the family’s needs. Therefore, she must be loving and caring, have a great sense of responsibility and have experience with children. As parents, you want to know that your children are save and in good hands at all times.

Being an au pair, is mainly an exchange of culture. It is a way to explore another country other than your own, learn a new language and the culture of the host family and vice versa. As such, it is my task to match the host family with the best qualified au pair, were both parties will benefit during the entire stay of the au pair.